Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Etiquette tip: Bread

It seems straightforward enough, but then its so easy to get wrong.  How do you tackle the dinner bread?

In most formal dining settings, you will find a small bread plate at the dining table set to your left with a non-serrated butter knife placed neatly on the top.  Think of where you found your knife placed to be its default position - you should not move it or place it anywhere else but in its default position unless you are using it.

That's right, the butter knife is non-serrated -  It is not for cutting or slicing bread but is provided simply for the purposes of spreading butter.  If you have not been provided with a butter knife, you would usually find a small dish of olive oil (at times with balsamic vinegar) on the table near you.  Break a small bite-sized piece of the bread, spread your desired amount of butter on it and return the knife to its default position before eating, or dip it in the olive 

Never bite straight into the bread, even if you are a male.

Next is when the most common mistake is made (and I witness it more often than not) - Do not lick your fingers clean!  Big no no!  Wipe your hands clean with your napkin.

What if you are provided bread but no bread plate?  What if you are not provided with bread at all?  These will be covered in a future post!


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