Sunday, 10 March 2013

Pho An

For years I have been a loyal customer of this Pho-only joint. Despite being all the way at Bankstown, its always worth the hike. I have never left disappointed and I have never left feeling that 'there was a better time'. Quality control must be second nature to them, and as a pho-aholic, I have never been disappointed by the Pho served here.

So Pho So Good, they say.

Pho (pronounced 'Fur', not 'Fo') is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, typically served with beef or chicken, and garnished with fresh herbs, spring onions, been sprouts, squeeze of lime and chilli. The broth is made by simmering beef bones and Asian spices, ginger, onion and garlic for hours and hours.

If there was such a thing as a perfect Pho, I think they have achieved it here! 

The dining space here is large, open and well lit. You enter through the glass doors on the left, and you exit through the glass doors on the right.  There are tables and chairs everywhere. It looks a little bit like a large food hall. 

I ordered the classic - Pho with rare beef. The soup is flavourful, strong, intense!  The tender slices of rare beef is slightly cooked in the steaming hot broth, and garnished with coriander, chopped spring onions and sliced onions.  A side of more garnishes is also served.  Tear some of the basil provided, add some crispy bean sprouts, chilli and squeeze a bit of lime juice into the broth - now indulge!

As a side, I ordered the Beef Tea with raw egg - beef blood cooked in steaming hot broth with a raw egg slightly cooked in the hot broth. This soup sounds scarier than it actually is. I remember the first time I tried this soup, it was a dare - a dare that I never regretted. If you think the broth in the Pho is strong, this is twice as intense! Not for the lighthearted but definitely worth a try!

In addition to their aced Pho, Pho An has a very refined streamlined service process - staff #1 shows you to your table and disappears, staff #2 takes your order at your table within a flash and disappears, staff #3 brings you your order within another brief moment, and once you are done eating staff #4 clears the table in world record time - not a minute is wasted here! 

Bring a friend, bring your family, bring your lover, bring your child, bring your colleagues, bring a large group, bring a small group...seriously bring anyone here and it is highly unlikely you would be disappointed.


Pho An
27 Greenfield Parade
Bankstown  NSW  2200
(02) 9796 7826

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