"So what makes a good cappuccino? It requires the perfect marriage of a number of factors including, having well blended coffee, achieving the perfect grind and successfully steamed milk."  -  The Grounds of Alexandria

"A good Japanese chef would balance his flavours and textures well, and artfully arrange his meal of captivating colours on stunning tableware (usually a lot more expensive than they look - if you have ever tried to pick up one of those serving plates, the first thing you would notice is how heavy and solid it is!)."  -  Fuku Restaurant Sake & Bar

"What is an izakaya restaurant? The word 'izakaya' means 'to stay, in a sake shop'."  -  Fuku Restaurant Sake & Bar

"Executive Chef Sean Connolly says "Everything tastes better on the bone or in the shell", and I could not agree more."  -  The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

"The Morrison Bar and Oyster room is a crustacean and charcoal-grilled meat culinary wonderland that is perfect for after-work festivities and catching up with large groups!"  - The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

"The sake menu provides a Sake Meter Value (SMV) which is always very helpful. There is such a great variety of sake that it is impossible to know it all, and the SMV can assist in picking out the right one for your personal taste."  -  Toriichi

"The essence of Italian cooking is simplicity. Most Italian dishes are only made from very few ingredients with the focus being placed on the quality of the ingredients used (did I mention that cheese, wine and herbs being most common of the ingredients? My taste buds tango at that thought!)."  -  Made in Italy

"The name of this famous Spanish drink, Sangria, is derived from the Spanish word 'Sangre' which means 'blood'."  -  MoVida Sydney

"The truffle foam and poached egg harmonised the saltiness of the wagyu and the dish reached a heavenly equilibrium.  My taste buds danced a little salsa on the spot and my eyes sparkled so much, the patrons sitting adjacent us immediately ordered a serving too!"  - MoVida Sydney

"Arm in arm, we walk into the restaurant after a very long day at work and ready for a big fat feast!  The room is big and bright, the ceiling is high and the windows are extra large.  The walls are white washed exposing the underlying brick, the floor is laid out with timber (which click loudly at our heels as we are guided to our table by a very friendly host - we giggle), and the space lit with drop down green enamel light shades.  Very warehouse-converted looking, casual and full of character."  -  4Fourteen

"In Italy, sea urchins are known as Ricci di Mare. They are mostly eaten during summer and simply straight from the shell, however they also commonly appear as an ingredient in pasta dishes."  -  Risotto ai Ricci di Mare

"Sea urchins (aka Uni) - these spiky and unfriendly looking sea creatures open up to reveal a treasure chest of golden jewels, the gonads (commonly referred to as 'roe' or 'tongues')."  -  Sea Urchin (Uni) Shooters

"Today, Twin and I went for another post-work foodventure.  This time we marched right into the Ivy complex to attend the launch of the March into Merivale event, a food and wine festival run by 20 of the Merivale chefs, creating dishes that will excite your appetite but won't kill your budget."  -  March into Merivale (2013 Launch)

"Salmon has long been regarded as a healthy food source for those seeking a healthier diet.  Not only is salmon high in protein (approximately 39g per serving - great for building lean muscles), it is rich in omega-3 (assisting in decreasing the rate of muscle-protein breakdown and improve recovery after a workout)."  -  Seared Salmon Steak with Asparagus and Half Boiled Egg

"Once in a while, friends and I would organise a cook-off. Its a great opportunity to get together a group foodies to share food and drink ideas. Sometimes they turn out well, at other times, well...like a tornado ripped through the kitchen!"  -  Cook-Off February

"Situated in the heart of the one of Sydney's oldest suburbs, Surry Hills is now a thriving community of warehouse-converted apartments and restored Victorian architecture, housing some of Sydney's finest chefs and designers. This suburb screams attention."  -  Toko

"In all honesty, the words 'superfood', 'health' and 'nutritutional' generally put my tastebuds to sleep. But given these days I am trying to change my lifestyle a bit and substitute some unhealthy eating habits with better ones (particularly during the work week), I decided to give the famed quinoa a little try."  -  Quinoa Salad Recipe

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