Food etiquette is a standard code of social behaviour for dining, commonly accepted as the norm within a community.  Here I will collaborate the food etiquette tips I have learnt over the years.


"Be aware not to have the spout of the teapot pointing at anyone as that is seen equivalent to using your finger to point directly at someone and can be considered intimidating and impolite."  -  Etiquette tip:  Chinese and teapots

"For a long time, I thought the right way to eat pasta is with a fork and spoon.  You would separate a small amount of pasta with a fork, then twirl it into a neat bundle on the spoon and then eat it.  Classy and mess-free, but a true etiquette faux pas - In Italy, your waiter might even display a look of disbelief if you asked for a spoon." - Etiquette tip:  Spoon, or no spoon?

"Then is when the most common mistake is made (and I witness it more often than not) - Do not lick your fingers clean!  Clean your fingers with your napkin."  - Etiquette tip:  Bread

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